Biafo, Hisper and Snow Lake Trek

About Biafo, Hisper and Snow Lake Trek

We know the risks involved in trekking to the Biafo, Hisper and Snow Lake like the back of our hands, and we are always alert to save our team from straying on a patch of ice or plunging into a deep crevasse. 

Located in the Karakorum mountain range, the Biafo (63 kilometers long) and Hisper (49 kilometers long) are among the most dangerous glaciers in the world. And the trekking route cuts through twelve 7,000 meters peaks. The romance between the two glaciers takes place at the Hisper La pass where they meet and mingle. The pass is 5151 meters above sea level.

Combined, the two glaciers boast a length of 126 kilometers, the longest outside the Polar Regions. The trekking route starts in Baltistan’s Askoli region and ends in the Hunza Valley. The enormous highway of ice and stones links Nagar Valley in west and Askoli (also known as little Tibet) in the east.

Trek Biafo Hisper Snow Lake with Karakorum Expeditions

We aim to give the gleaming crust of the Biafo and Hisper glaciers another exploratory shot because we are well versed when it comes to indulging in extreme adventures. Karakorum Expeditions has 23 days itinerary Biafo Hisper Snow Lake trek, starting with your arrival in Islamabad where you get the opportunity to rest and relax for a day. We will then drive you through Chilas to Skardu, and the real adventure will start from Askoli.

Our expert trekkers, high altitude guides, porters and cooks will accompany you through the Biafo glacier, and on day 10, you will get to the Snow Lake that embodies a 77 square kilometers area. Trekking through the Hisper La pas and experiencing amazing things on the way, you will finally reach Karimabad, Hunza on day 20.

Karakorum Expedition is a household name when it comes to organizing treks to Biafo, Hisper and Snow Lake. We have decades of experience in handling large treks, meaning that you can invest your trust in our services to create delightful experiences for you.

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